Un Nuevo Paso…

Acabo de abrir un Blog, este ha sido un deseo y finalmente lo he hecho asi que a blogear se ha dicho!


Hey, please leave your comments, critics, anything you people want!… Just dont be a jerk!


2 Responses to Un Nuevo Paso…

  1. Philiquiznos dice:

    hey great stuff kene and melissa. with prayer and faith hope that i can join as well but not just me but ana, john, geo, and the rest of the crew. hey u no this person had a great point of u and how u preach and thanks to the lord that you are trying to help us and inviting us to ur house and go evangelaize u no y i say this just because i like wat ju said (“Yo se que hoy tu tienes un proposito que cumplir en las calles de Miami, estoy seguro que con toda esta lluvia, tu me vas a ensenar algo nuevo y lo voy a compartir con los demas”.) and that’s the meaning y we’re here. I LIKE THIS STUFF IT’S REALLY INTRESTING. DALE JODIDO JE T’AIME GRAND FRERE ask wat this mean and should get ur answer it’s in french remember……… LOL

    • k2f3hn dice:

      YO BRODA! thanks… Hey man, I am just trying to do G-d’s Will. I agree with you that hopefully you will be with us soon, but you also have to put of your own effort… Try to come home on saturdays!… Hey also visit us cuando puedas at this blog, pass it around, so that we can spread our message, Kyros and all we have!… I kinda got what you said in French, i think you said “I LIKE YOU BIG FRERE”… now I Dont know what “Frere is, so you better tell mee!!! Bendiciones!


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